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About The Author


Glen Mitchell, author of “A Bad Penny Always Come Back,” was born and raised in Oklahoma in a musical household. After graduation from college, he pursued a professional music career that included both performing and writing songs. He later joined a family medical device company and subsequently met his future wife, Carmel, a Registered Nurse, when she attended a workshop that Glen was leading. During one of their visits to Windsor, Ontario, Carmel’s hometown, Glen heard the story of “Bad Penny” and “Operation Manna.”

“When I first heard the story, it immediately struck me as being a children’s book. My first inclination was to locate a suitable author and convince them to write the story. After a few years of not finding an author, I decided to give it a try myself. I guess my previous experience in song writing played a big part in my writing the book.”

“A Bad Penny Always Comes Back” is Glen’s first book.


Kristen Gallerneaux, illustrator

Kristen Gallerneaux was born in a small southwestern Ontario town, then made her home in the Windsor/Detroit area for several years to pursue her Honours BFA in Printmaking. She has a strong commitment to historical preservation, choosing to work under the guise of “artist as archivist” with common themes being folk culture, superstition, and 1940s industrial processes.

“I’m honoured to have been part of such an important project as “A Bad Penny Always Comes Back,” and to have had the chance to collaborate with such a naturally capable author as Glen. The opportunity to preserve such an important moment in history, realize it, and to make it accessible for a young audience has been a wonderful feeling.”

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