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One Good Tasting Bad Penny!

Available Thursday, September 1st, Grove Brewing Company, located in Kingsville Ontario, in partnership with CAM, will be launching one of their best-selling ales with a NEW look - the "Bad Penny Copper Ale".


Grove is dedicated to promoting and sharing many of the stories historically significant to Windsor-Essex. Their popular copper ale, a tap-only favourite now available in a can, is in recognition of the World War II humanitarian mission - Operation Manna. The Operation would not have been a success without the seven brave young RCAF men, including pilot Bob Upcott, from Windsor, and their Lancaster, “Bad Penny,” who risked everything to drop the first cargo of food to the starving occupied peoples of the Netherlands.


As in the old expression, “... like a bad penny, it keeps coming back” Bad Penny and her crew returned from their April 29th, 1945 flight over enemy territory to Holland where they “bombed” the Dutch with food bundles. Their successful test run served to launch the Allies' “Operation Manna;” over 11,000 tons of food was dropped in 10 days.


You can pick up your pack of this limited beer at Grove starting September 1st. In addition, buy a 6 pack of Bad Penny Copper Ale and receive a FREE Pass to the Canadian Aviation Museum with the purchase of one adult admission!


Thank you again to Grove for helping to share a truly amazing story and one that involves Windsor's contribution. To learn more about the "Bad Penny" crew and Operation Manna visit the museum today!

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