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John Corner, DFM

As flight engineer for the "Bad Penny," John Corner was responsible for overseeing performance of the four Merlin engines mounted on the Lancaster. Hailing from Manchester, England, John was added as a crewmember when the crew was upgraded from a two-engine Wellington to the four-engine Lancaster.  

The oldest member at around 35 years of age, (the rest of the crew ranged in age from 18-21), John was affectionately referred to as "Pops." John left the RAF after the war, married and was a much loved Uncle to his many nephews and nieces (he was the eldest of eight children). Sadly, he died in 1978 at 68.


"It was quite in character that Uncle John never spoke of his courageous part in such a wonderful humanitarian effort. [In 2009] I was researching Bomber Command for his great nephews when I came across the "Bad Penny" book. It was the first my Mother (his sister-in law) and I had heard of his part in operation Manna. My Mum and I were quite delighted to find all this out. He was tremendously fond of and proud of his Canadian comrades."


John's niece, Catherine McLoughlin.

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